In a Nutshell

The CrowdKeynote is the first ever crowdsourced keynote talk.
If you want to contribute, please edit the presentation at: by October 29, 2015, 13:59 p.m. Brisbane time


More in detail

After last year’s big success, also this year CrowdMM is going to host the CrowdKeynote!

The idea of the Crowdkeynote is that the whole CrowdMM community contributes to AND presents itWe are all experts in crowdsourcing, and it is time we all share what we think are the main accomplishments and challenges still to face. So, the CrowdMM… crowd will give the second Keynote presentation of CrowdMM2015. Everybody is welcome to contribute a few lines to a few slides to it, and will be invited to present such contribution on Oct 30, during CrowdMM2015.

To collect all contributions, we prepared a template presentation in Google Drive, which everybody can access (at and edit. This document will stay shared among the CrowdMM community and beyond. With time, it may function as a repository of gained knowledge on how to use Crowdsourcing for Multimedia (so, please, add references where available), and as a brainstorming platform for new research.

Instructions (also available in the presentation):

  • The presentation slides can be found at
  • Everybody is welcome to contribute, as long as:
    • they can present their contribution at CrowdMM on Oct 30, or
    • they can delegate someone to present their contribution (this should be arranged by the contributor and promptly communicated to the CrowdMM Chairs)
  • The theme of the CrowdKeynote, as the theme of CrowdMM2015, is Methodology. Thus, the CrowdKeynote has a structure that recalls all the methodological issues that were of interest in the CFP (see slide no. 5)
    • these were mostly derived from the panel discussion of CrowdMM2013, see slide no.5
  • Per each methodological issue, in the Crowdkeynote we want to inventory
    • accomplishments
    • open challenges
      → In the presentation, there are 10 sections, 2x each “methodological” theme; of these, one is for accomplishments and one is for the open challenges, respectively
  • if you’re not sure where your contribution could fit, there is a special ‘more?’  section at the end of this presentation, where you can add anything that is not covered by the previous sections
  • For inspiration, you can also check the slides of last year’s CrowdKeynote at
  • Everybody is free to contribute to one or more of these sections.
  • This can be done by creating entire slides, or by adding something to existing slides, as long as the addition is clearly marked with the name of the contributor
  • You can summarize yours or someone else’s achievements/struggles, as long as they are of interest for the community. You should support your claims with references to literature (this document is supposed to be a resource for the crowdMM community, it would be cool to have a repository of crowdsourcing literature at the end of the workshop)
    • in the slides, you can reference literature in the format (Authors, Year), e.g. Redi et al., 2013
    • then you should add the complete reference in the reference section at the end of this presentation
  • The CrowdKeynote is open for contribution until October 29, 13:59 Brisbane time.

Finally, please spread the word! Everybody is invited to contribute to the CrowdKeynote, even if not directly involved in CrowdMM!