This year, for the first time, CrowdMM is featuring a Crowd Keynote! What’s that, you may ask? My colleague and co-chair Judith Redi put it like that:

The idea of the Crowdkeynote is that the whole CrowdMM community contributes to AND presents it. We are all experts in crowdsourcing, and it is time we all share what we think are the main accomplishments and challenges still to face. So, the whole CrowdMM… crowd will give the second Keynote presentation of CrowdMM2014. Everybody is welcome to contribute a few lines to a few slides to it, and will be invited to present such contribution on Nov 7, during CrowdMM2014.

And here we are, we are waiting for the crowd to contribute! All authors should have got their links to the joint presentation already by mail, for all the other, who are willing to share, discuss and present, drop us a mail and you get the link!


Accepted contributions at CrowdMM 2014

We are happy to announce the list of accepted contributions to CrowdMM 2014.

Accepted full papers:

  • Users Tagging Visual Moments: A Data Set of Social Video with Timed Tags by Peng Xu; Martha Larson
  • A Protocol for Cross-Validating Large Crowdsourced Data: The Case of the LIRIS-ACCEDE Affective Video Dataset by Yoann Baveye; Christel Chamaret; Emmanuel Dellandrea; Liming Chen
  • Getting by with a Little Help from the Crowd: Practical Approaches to Social Image Labeling by Babak Loni; Jonathon Hare; Mihai Georgescu; Michael Riegler; Xiaofei Zhu; Mohamed Morchid; Richard Dufour; Martha Larson
  • Crowdsourcing for rating image aesthetic appeal: better a paid or a volunteer crowd? by Judith Redi; Isabel Povoa
  • Crowd-based Semantic Event Detection and Video Annotation for Sports Videos by Fabio Sulser; Ivan Giangreco; Heiko Schuldt
  • Development and Validation of Extrinsic Motivation Scale for Crowdsourcing Micro-task Platforms by Babak Naderi; Ina Wechsung; Tim Polzehl; Sebastian Möller
  • Modeling Image Appeal Based on Crowd Preferences for Automated Person-Centric Collage Creation by Vassilios Vonikakis; Ramanathan Subramanian; Jonas Arnfred; Stefan Winkler
  • A Multi-task Learning Framework for Time-continuous Emotion Estimation from Crowd Annotations by Mojtaba Khomami Abadi; Azad Abad; Ramanathan Subramanian; Negar Rostamzadeh; Elisa Ricci; Jagannadan Varadarajan; Nicu Sebe

Accepted posters / short papers:

  • Crowd to the Rescue for Hard-to-Find Data: Collecting Contexts in which Edited Images are used Online by Valentina Conotter; Duc-Tien Dang-Nguyen; Michael Riegler; Giulia Boato; Martha Larson
  • Is that a Jaguar? Segmenting Ancient Maya Glyphs via Crowdsourcing by Gülcan Can; Jean-Marc Odobez; Daniel Gatica-Perez
  • Making use of Semantic Concept Detection for Modelling Human Preferences in Visual Summarization by Stevan Rudinac; Marcel Worring
  • Crowdsourcing for the Discovery of Non-Obvious Attributes of Social Images by Mark Melenhorst; María Menéndez Blanco; Martha Larson
  • Click’n’Cut: Crowdsourced Interactive Segmentation with Object Candidates by Axel Carlier; Amaia Salvador; Xavier Giro-I-Nieto; Oge Marques; Vincent Charvillat

CrowdMM 2014 has been accepted!

We proudly announce that CrowdMM 2014 has been accepted as ACM Multimedia Workshop. This year we feature two new workshop chairs: Judith Redi and Mathias Lux. However, the former chairs build a steering committee, that helps to make this workshop at least as successful as the last two events.