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We are pleased to announce the Crowdsourcing for Multimedia Ideas Competition!


Crowdsourcing--leveraging a large number of human contributors and the capabilities of human computation--has enormous potential to address key challenges in the area of multimedia research. Applications of crowdsourcing range from the exploitation of unsolicited user contributions, such as using tags to aid image understanding, to utilizing crowdsourcing platforms and marketplaces to micro-outsource tasks such as semantic video annotation. Further, crowdsourcing offers a time- and resource-efficient method for collecting large volumes of input for system design or evaluation, making it possible to optimize multimedia systems more rapidly and to address human factors more effectively.

At present, crowdsourcing remains notoriously difficult to exploit effectively in multimedia settings, due to the high sensitivity of the users or workers to changes in the form and the parameterization of their activities. For example, on a crowdsourcing platform, workers are known to react differently depending on the way in which a multimedia annotation task is presented or explained and in the manner in which they are incentivized (e.g., compensation, appeal of the task). A thorough understanding of crowdsourcing for multimedia will be crucial in enabling the field to effectively address these challenges.

Crowd image courtesy of James Cridland